Zombieland: A Christmas Delight

As I’m sure most people do, I found myself sat in front of the TV watching movies over our recent holiday season. Unlike most people, I’m sure, who end up watching the likes of Miracle on 34th Street, It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, or even Elf, I found myself enjoying the 2009 classic, Zombieland.

Now, this isn’t really a review. I do recommend the film, though. It’s a must for all you zombie fans out there (but I’m guessing you already ticked it off your lists). It is well worth visiting if you are simply a fan of comedy horror and in general it is just a satisfying watch. Well written and well performed by the main cast of Woody Harelson (Cheers, No Country For Old Men), Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Emma Stone (The Help) and Abigail Breslin (Little Miss Sunshine), not to mention a wonderful performance from Bill Murray as himself.

I better get on, before I fail to hit my point.

I am something of a titles junkie. Meaning I can find myself being as critical of the title sequence of a film as the film itself. I won’t get into that here either but some worth noting include Panic Room, Catch Me if You Can and Th13teen Ghosts (2001).  So, yes, titles. They won’t exactly make or break a film, but they can definitely enhance or detract from that period, especially if they are integrated with the on-screen action.

With Zombieland, not only did I find some wonderfully integrated opening credit graphics, fully interacting with the action surrounding them, but the graphical element was extended into the storytelling. For those of you who have not seen the film, Columbia (Eisenberg) has set down a 31 rules to help him survive the new world he now lives in (he adds a 32nd part way through). We do not find out all of these but those we are let in on are presented both in context with the action and with accompanying graphic titles. What I enjoyed most about these particular enhancements is just that, they are enhancements. They could have just put some plain white text on the screen but they chose to take it one step further and created graphics the were a part of the shot and even the action. Text that gets splattered with blood, text that gets shattered by the body that runs through it or text that has the actor’s shadow cast on it. And every one was different, including the rules we see multiple times. All in a very good film that appealed to both the film-goer and the motion graphics artist in me.

So, here are the Rules of Zombieland to enjoy for yourself:


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