We come in peas

I’ve been sent this from a few trusted sources which makes me think this has got to be good.

And as I’m currently making a WW2 film,  Crew 713 , I’m always looking for interesting pieces from a similar time period. You know, work that is thoughtful, inspiring, aiming to bring a new and deeper resonance and emotional connection from our generation to a dark period of modern history.

Red Tails for example. A film set in 1944, based on the heroics of a small band of men, a marker in US aviation history and with a new story for our generation. Not unlike Crew 713.

But, then there is this! This is something else. Evil Nazis from the moon coming to take over the earth? Scary. But Sarah Palin as president. That is too horrific for words.

See what you think…This is Iron Sky

(the title is for my father – he loves a good pun)


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