It’s mine!

My (American) Mother’s Day highlights:

  • Being woken by the sweet singing of “Yankee doodle went to town, riding on a pony, put a feather in his hat and called it macapony”.
  • “Look mummy, my flower. It’s mine”. Wee man not getting the concept of mother’s day.
  • “You are doing really well using the chopsticks to get the scrambled eggs” Sharing  mother’s day breakfast with Wee Man with a highly unhelpful utensil.
  • Many baby cuddles with Wee Flo – I’d forgotten that a newborn’s skin really is that soft.
  • The following conversation:

Daddy: What are you doing?

Wee Man: Thinking

Daddy: What about?

Wee Man: Treats

A minute later

Wee Man: I’m just thinking

Daddy: About what?

Wee Man: About you and me. And we’re eating. 

There’s only one thing on our boy’s mind: food.

  • So he fits into our family then – with smoked salmon, hot dogs, milkshakes, wonderful curry, lime soaked strawberries and white chocolate mousse – I’ve been spoilt today.
  • Also, the usual changing of many nappies, up several times in the night, washing clothes, constant toddler cajoling to do anything, and a brief interlude where we all slept for 2 hours.

I am grateful for being part of all these things today, but mainly, for just for being a mother.

I feel very blessed.


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