giving thanks

We have started a bit of a bedtime tradition in our house.  After stories and before prayers, I ask Wee Man what he is thankful for today. It is always either his toy garage or his train signal box. I was looking for something a little deeper, but no matter.

Thanksgiving is my favourite ‘American-only’ holiday. I’m going to adopt it wherever we end up living. Maybe it’s because I feel no pressure to cook anything, or that my mum doesn’t expect us to travel somewhere for the day, or just the brilliant food. But I also love it because the idea of giving thanks is such a good one to celebrate. I don’t have much of a stake in 4th July. Halloween – don’t get me started. The walking dead? It is taken too far here and it is not little people friendly.Valentines day? Commercialised saccharine. But thankfulness? That’s a holiday I can get behind.

So our apartment complex ran a competition to write a 100 things that we’re grateful for, in the following categories. So here’s mine. Give it a go, it’s a great exercise for today. And mind, these  are things that I am personally grateful for, so they aren’t necessarily the best!

10 physical things (I didn’t know what this meant, but hey hum)

gravity – photosynthesis – colour – dancing – kisses – listening to the rain when you’re snuggled in bed – babies falling over comically – the Force (pre-prequels, pre Disney) – swirls/round things – laughing

1o material things (I took this literally)

velvet – cotton – silk – mashed potato – smooth wood – pretty shoes – cashmere – warm blankets – wellington boots – jelly (jello)

10 living people (I found it really hard to find famous people today that I respected, so most of these are personal and included groups…)

My husband – my children – my family – my friends – Aung San Suu Kyi – Ruth Ghent (a missionary in Japan) – Michelle Obama – Bono (I know, but I like his music and his work on poverty – Jamie Oliver (UK chef and healthy school dinner advocate) – Jessica Ennis (UK Olympian)

10 deceased people

Queen Elizabeth I – Albert Einstein – Rosa Parks – Florence Nightingale (nice name) – Queen Victoria – Virginia Wolf – Eleanor Roosevelt – King David – John Lennon (we share the same name!) – Robert the Bruce (the good one)

10 things about today

Being able to travel quickly -women’s votes – contraception – the middle class – free healthcare and education (Scotland) – films – moisturiser – contact lenses – disposable nappies/diapers – availability of many types of food

10 things about nature

the sea – trees – mountains – autumn leaves – lavender – monkeys – giraffes – hot springs – fresh snow – sunshine

10 places

Scotland (all of it) – Lake Como, Italy – Kobe, Japan – Scarborough, UK – Low Fell, UK – White Rock Lake, Dallas – Colorado Rockies – Seville, Spain –     Northern Ireland – the moon (gotta love those tides)

10 modern inventions (it doesn’t say how modern)

the internet (skype) – washing machines – flushing toilets – the car – music on the go – planes – electric kettle (for tea) – TV – wind turbines – air conditioning (for Texas summers)

10 foods (this was by far the easiest for me)

sushi/sashimi – chips (fries) any potato, but this is the best – real bacon (sorry America  – you just don’t’ have it) – anything made by my mum – poached egg on toast with a cuppa tea – sausage, beans and mash – roast beef and Yorkshire pudding – medium rare sirloin steak – chocolate mousse with cream – salt and vinegar crisps. My mouth is watering.

10 spiritual things

grace – forgiveness – salvation – heaven – mercy – sanctification – compassion – blessing – understanding – hope


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